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Wellness & Coping

Given the massive global disruption of the pandemic and its effect on so many aspects of both work life and home life, self-care, wellness, and coping strategies have been put to the test. Some of our usual methods for stress relief have been taken away. These virtual and in-person sessions aim to expand our current strategies for coping, wellness, and self-care. This involves experiential activities involving breath and mindfulness activities, often set to improvised music, and an opportunity to listen to effective strategies by other workshop participants as well as the instructor.

Recent workshops given:


Coping with Covid — Strategies for Self-Care


Preventing Burnout for Helpers


How to Balance Leadership & Self-Care


Inclusive Joy Amidst Chaos


Rahul Sharma - Wellness and Coping Expert

Custom Wellness Videos

In addition to workshops, Strategic Inclusion Consulting can create company-specific wellness videos. For example, for a “Coping with Covid” video, we can ask the entire employee base to share on a word cloud their coping strategies. We could video record interview willing participants to share stories of coping. Finally, we can create a guided visualization set to live music as a part of sharing strategies for self-care and resilience.

Video content will vary based upon the needs of your organization.

Sample video here: