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Strategic Inclusion Consulting LLC

At Strategic Inclusion Consulting LLC, we believe wellness, justice, emotionally intelligent leadership and true inclusion go hand in hand. We provide results-driven strategies that re-establish and fortify organization-wide objectives. We assess an organization’s culture, strengths, and constraints in order to design and implement innovative strategies to better reach DEI, wellness, leadership, & organization-wide goals. Through training, coaching & more, we empower leaders to leverage emotional intelligence and authentic commitment as they steward a sense of inclusion and belonging for all.

About the Founder:

Founder and Lead Strategist Dr. Rahul Sharma is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist expert in diversity, equity, inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership & growth.  Dr. Sharma believes expertise is needed in creating unique spaces for people to grow, produce, and flourish. This takes creativity, knowledge, transparency, honesty, and empathy.  As a professional musician, he weaves clinical skills, diversity expertise, and artistic sensibilities to create results-driven programs and collaborations that are unique and impactful.

Dr. Rahul Sharma