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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is comprised of interrelated skills that can be developed through assessment in coaching. Investment in EQ result in elevated self-awareness, better communication, and higher levels of trust interpersonally. For leaders, there are added benefits of improving employees’ feeling heard, seen, and understood, and in turn having more faith in the organization as a whole.


EQi Assessment

Founder & Lead Strategist Dr. Sharma is a Certified EQi-2.0 & EQ360 Certified Coach and Trainer. The EQi-2.0 is a powerful assessment tool that allows individuals (employees, people managers, leaders) to self-assess skills around 5 domains, each comprised of subscales.

The 5 domains are:
Interpersonal Relations
Decision Making
Stress Management

The EQ360 allows for that self-assessment to be compared to how a client is perceived by direct reports, peers, supervisors, and more.

Eqi Model