Strategic Inclusion Consulting

Custom-designed solutions for DEI, EQ, & Leadership via

Strategic Consulting

short-term & long-term collaborations with customized approaches designed for maximal impact & ROI for DEI, Leadership, & Coping/Wellness needs.

Organizational Assessments may include:

  1. Informational interviews & focus groups with select individuals to help understand work culture, pain points, & aspirations
  2. Reviewing mission statements & prioritized objectives, and understanding the process of crafting/modifying them
  3. Understanding assets and constraints of the current organizational and departmental culture
  4. Review of organizational documents and data, including evaluations & summaries from previous initiatives & employee development work (if applicable).
  5. EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360 Assessments for leaders, people managers, and employees to better assess coaching/training needs

Engagement may involve:

  1. Sequenced training sessions for leaders and/or employees
  2. Ongoing coaching for identified leaders/employees
  3. Capacity-building for sustained growth (e.g., board development; internal DEI committee development)
Speaking at a Conference

“[Dr. Sharma’s] ability to swiftly improve diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within systems puts him at the cutting edge of helping organizations.”

-David Klow
Founder & CEO of The Skylight Foundation